Construction Of Community Hall

Tendering Authority: WB AGRO INDUSTRIES CORP.

India, West Bengal, Kolkata



Last Date For Submission

14 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

14 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 115 | Total Qty : 2882.3500000000004
# Item Quantity Units
1 Earth work in excavation of foundation trenches or drains, in all sorts of soil (including mixed soil but excluding laterite or sandstone) including removing, spreading or stacking the spoils within a lead of 75 m. as directed. The item includes necessary trimming the sides of trenches, levelling, dressing and ramming the bottom, bailing out water as required complete. (b) Depth of excavation for additional depth beyond 1,500 mm. and upto 3,000 mm. but not requiring shoring. 35.20 cum
2 Earth work in filling in foundation trenches or plinth with good earth, in layers not exceeding 150 mm. including watering and ramming etc. layer by layer complete. (Payment to be made on the basis of measurement of finished quantity of work) 7.04 cum
3 (A) Filling in foundation or plinth by silver sand in layers not exceeding 150 mm as directed and consolidating the same by thorough saturation with water, ramming complete including the cost of supply of sand. (payment to be made on measurement of finished quantity) 24.89 cum
4 Single Brick Flat Soling of picked jhama bricks including ramming and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with local sand. 99.41 sqm
5 Cement concrete with graded stone ballast (40 mm size excluding shuttering) In ground floor Variety stone metal. (a) 1:3:6 proportion 8.61 cum
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