Construction Of Channalization Konsal Nallah To Luj Sh Construction Of Channalization In Rr Masonary Km 0/0 To 0/400

Tendering Authority: Irrigation And Public Health Department

India, Himachal Pradesh, Chamba



Last Date For Submission

10 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

10 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 8 | Total Qty : 1672
# Item Quantity Units
1 Excavation in foundation, trenches etc. In earth work, lift upto 1.50 mtrs. Staking the excavated soil not more than 3 mtrs. Clear from the as of excavation and then returning the excavated soil in 15 cm layers when required into plinths sides of foundation etc. consolidating each depositing layer by ramming and watering and then disposing off all surplus excavated soil as directed within a lead of 20 mtrs. PJW including cost and carriage of material with in all leads, lifts and other incidentials. 550.000 cum
2 Stone soiling properly hand packed filling intresties with kharunja stone as per direction of Engineer -in -charge
3 100 mm spread thickness (finished work including materials and labour). 105.000 cum
4 Providing and laying cement concrete 1:4:8 (1 cement:4 sand:8 greaded stone aggregate 40 mm nominal size) and curing complete excluding cost of from work in foundation and plinth . The rates are inclusive of carriage of material with in all leads, lifts and other incidentials as per direction of engineer-in charge. 105.000 cum
5 Random Rubble Masonary/polygonal rubble uncoarsed/brought to coarse with hard stone of approved quality in foundation and plinth including levelling up with C.C. 1:6:12 (1 Cement:6 sand :12 Agg.of 20mm nominal size) at plinth level in C.M. 1:6 (1 Cement : 6 Sand) 228.000 cum
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