Construction Of Biswa Bangla Kiosk At K1 Busstand Gangasagar.


India, West Bengal, Parganas



Last Date For Submission

12 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

12 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 41 | Total Qty : 747.8
# Item Quantity Units
1 Earth work in excavation of foundation trenches or drains, in all sorts of soil (including mixed soil but excluding laterite or sandstone) including removing, spreading or stacking the spoils within a lead of 75 m. as directed. The item includes necessary trimming the sides of trenches, levelling, dressing and ramming the bottom, bailing out water as required complete. (a) Depth of excavation not exceeding 1,500 mm 7.000 %Cum.
2 Earth work in filling in foundation trenches or plinth with good earth, in layers not exceeding 150 mm. including watering and ramming etc. layer by layer complete. (Payment to be made on the basis of measurement of finished quantity of work) (a) With earth obtained from excavation of foundation. 6.500 %Cum.
3 (A) Filling in foundation or plinth by silver sand in layers not exceeding 150 mm as directed and consolidating the same by thorough saturation with water, ramming complete including the cost of supply of sand. (payment to be made on measurement of finished quantity) Do - by fine sand 4.100 %Cum.
4 Pre-Constructional Anti-termite measures (c) Anti termite treatment to the top surface of the consolidated earth within plinth walls with chemical emulsion by admixing chloropyrofos emulsifiable concentrates (1% concentration) with water by weight at the rate of 5 Litres per sq. m. of the surface before sand bed or sub-grade is laid. Holes upto 50 mm. to 75 mm. deep at 150 mm. centre to centre both ways shall be made with 12 mm, diameter mild steel rod on the surface to facilitate saturation of the soil with the chemical emulsion. The work shall be carried out as per specification described in para 6.4 of code IS 6313 (part -II) 1981. ( Mode of measurment will be per Sq.m of plan area of plinth treated.) 13.000 Sq.m.
5 Single Brick Flat Soling of picked jhama bricks including ramming and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with local sand. 15.000 Sq.m.
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