Construction Of Auditorium Hall Of Bodoland University, Balance Works In Kokrajhar District Under Education Department In Btr For The Year 2021-22.

Tendering Authority: Bodoland Territorial Council

India, Assam, Kokrajhar



Last Date For Submission

15 Nov, 2022

Closing Date

15 Nov, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 238 | Total Qty : 41117.632000000005
# Item Quantity Units
1 CIVIL WORKS:- Earthwork in excavation for foundation trenches of walls, retaining walls, footings of column, steps, septic tank etc. including refilling (return filling) the quantity as necessary after completion of work, breaking clods in return filling, dressing, watering and ramming etc. and removal of surplus earth with all lead and lifts as directed and specified in the following classification of soils including bailing out water where necessary as directed and specified. (A) Up to a depth of 2.00m below the existing ground level. (a) In ordinary soil 50.500 Cum.
2 Providing soling in foundation and under floor with stone/ best quality picked jhama brick, sand packed and laid to level and in panel after preparing the subgrade as directed including all labour and materials and if necessary dewatering, complete. (a).Brick on flat soling. 1250.000 Cum.
3 (b).Brick on edge soling 30.000 Sqm.
4 Providing form work of 12mm thick Plywood Board so as to give a rough finish including centering, shattering, strutting and propping etc., height of propping and centering below supporting floor to ceiling not exceeding 4.0M and removal of the same for in situ reinforced concrete and plain concrete work in: Columns, Pillars, Posts & Strut of square/ rectangular/ polygonal in plan or any shape like Tee/L etc. having plane vertical face 108.000 Sqm.
5 Sides and Soffits of Beams, beam haunchings, cantilever girders, bressumers, lintels and horizontal ties. (a) For depth not exceeding 1.0M. 427.900 Sqm.
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