Construction Of 250 Mm Dia. Production Wells By Any Suitable Method (reverse/direct/dual Rotary) Using Mud-rotary Drilling Rig For 39 Water Supply Schemes Of (41 No. Tube Wells Of Akhnoor Region) Of District Jammu Of Jammu Province Under Jal Je


India, Jammu and Kashmir, Akhnoor



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13 Dec, 2022

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13 Dec, 2022

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1 Deep Drilling, Development of Tube well by Mud-Rotary Method (Reverse/Direct/Dual) at (i) WSS Bhalwal Bharth (200 mtr.) (ii) WSS Gurha Manhasan (200 mtr.) (iii) WSS Pargwal (200 mtr.) (iv) WSS Rajpura Pindi (200 mtr.) (v) WSS Bardow (250 mtr.) (vi)WSS Kachrial (250 mtr.) in Jammu District of Jammu province under JJM.
2 Setting up of drilling site by way of shifting of requisite machinery and allied material after making proper approaches as per requirement at site. (for the locations of each Tube well of 06 nos.Tubewells mentioned above.) 6.00 Job
3 Boring/drilling of gravel packed bore hole of 530 mm dia for accommodating 250 mm dia casing/strainer pipe in order to construct 250 mm dia tube well by suitable mud-rotary method (reverse/direct/dual) prescribed in IS: 2800 (part 1), including collecting samples from different strata, preparing and submitting strata chart/bore log, including hire and running charges of all equipment tools plants and machineries required for the job (200 mtrs for each Tube well of 06 nos.Tubewells mentioned above), all complete as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. i) From 0 to 200 mtr BGL 1200.00 Mtr
4 ii) From 200 to 250 mtrs BGL (50 mtrs. each for 02 nos.Tubewells mentioned above having Depth 250 Mtr., ) 100.00 Mtr
5 Supplying, welding/assembling, lowering and fixing in vertical position in bore hole ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) 250 mm dia X 7.1mm thickness liner assembly (BLIND) FE 410 bevelled ended M.S. casing pipe, conforming to IS: 4270 (for tube wells) of reputed & approved make, including painted with inside & outside surface with two coats of anti corrosive paint of approved brand including handling, loading, unloading & transportation of M.S. Casing pipe BLIND upto location of tube well, as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. The cost also includes 3rd party inspection of M.S. casing Pipe from Govt. approved/designated agency.(170 mtrs for 04 Tubewells having depth 200 mtr, 220 mtrs for 02 tube wells having Depth 250 mtrs,as mentioned above ) 1120.00 Mtr
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