Constructing Of Leach Pit For Community Well Bore Well Other At Ajansond, Tal Pandharpur Dist-solapur.

Tendering Authority: PANCHAYAT SAMITI

India, Maharashtra, Pandharpur



Last Date For Submission

08 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

08 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 27 | Total Qty : 101.94852
# Item Quantity Units
1 Sub Work No.01 Leach Pit Excavation for foundation in Hard murum including removing the excavated material upto a distance of 50 metres beyond the building area and stacking and spreading as directed, dewatering, preparing the bed for the foundation and necessary back filling, ramming, watering including shoring and strutting etc. complete. (Lift from 1.5 to 3.0m.) By Mechanical Means. 9.420000 cum
2 Providing dry/ trap/ granite/ quartzite/ gneiss rubble stone soling 15 cm to 20 cm thick including hand packing and compacting etc. complete. 0.920000 cum
3 Providing and laying in situ cement concrete of 1:4:8 proportion with trap/ granite/ quartzite/ gneiss metal in foundation including necessary form work, compacting and curing etc. complete. (with reversible drum type mixer with SCADA with fine agreegates of required specifications (Natural sand / VSI sand finely washed etc) 0.400000 cum
4 Providing second class Burnt Brick masonry with conventional/ I.S. type bricks in cement mortar 1:6 in foundations and plinth of inner walls/ in plinth external walls including bailing out water manually ,striking joints on unexposed faces, raking out joints on exposed faces and watering etc. Complete. 2.660000 rmt
5 Providing and casting in situ C.C. of trap / granite/ quartzite / gneiss metal of approved quality for RCC works as per detailed drawings and designs or as directed by Engineer-in-chargeincluding normal dewatering,centering form work, compaction, finishing the formed surfaces with C.M. 1:3 of sufficient minimum thickness to give a smooth and even surface wherever necessary or roughening if special finish is to be provided and curing, etc. complete. (By weigh batching and mix design for M-250 and M-300 only. Use of L&T, A.C.C.,Ambuja, Birla Gold, Manikgad, Rajashree,etc. cement is permitted.) (Excluding M.S. or Tor reinforcement ) 0.150000 rmt
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