Constructing Aerobic Honeycomb Composting Units And Material Recovery Facility In Bbmb Colony Talwara Township


India, Punjab, Hoshiarpur



Last Date For Submission

08 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

08 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items
# Item Quantity Units
1 Earth work in excavation in foundations trenches etc. in all kinds of soil where Pick-Jumper work is not involved and not exceeding 2.0 metres depth including dressing of bottom and sides of trenches, stacking the excavated soil clear from the edge of excavation and subsequent filling around masonry in 15 cm, layers with compaction including disposal of all surplus soil as directed within lead of 30 metres. [CSR item No. 6.6 ] 155.99 Cum
2 Cement concrete 1:4:8 mixing by mechanical means using concrete mixer volumetric type [CSR item No. 10.11(a) (ii)] 5.15 Cum
3 Cement concrete 1:6:12 [CSR item No.10.8(a) (ii) ] 141.40 Cum
4 Cement concrete 1:2:4With stone ballast or shingle mixing by mechanical means using concrete mixer volumetric type [CSR item No. 10.13 (a) (ii) ]. 38.61 Cum
5 First class burnt brick laid in cement sand mortar 1:6 in foundation and plinth (CSR item No 11.3 (i)) 34.46 Cum
6 First class burnt brick work laid in cement sand mortar 1:6 in first storey upto 4 metres above plinth level.(CSR item No 11.4(i)) 47.01 Cum
7 Brick jali with 22.86x11.43cm thick alternative layers laid in cement sand mortar 1:4 using 58 number bricks.(CSR item No 11.53) 111.33 Sqm.
8 Damp proof course 2.5cm thick of cement concrete 1:2:4 with 2 coats of bitumen 20/30 penetration at 1.65 Kg per sqm laid hot and sanded (CSR item No. 10.28) 32.43 Sqm
9 12.5 mm thick cement plaster 1:5 [CSR item No. 15.10] 773.24 Sqm
10 Providing and laying 60 mm thick factory made cement concrete interlocking Paving blocks of M-35 grade manufactured by block making machine equipped with steel mould clamped to a strong vibratory table with hydraulic pressure for compaction of concrete as per IRC SP 63 -2014 and of approved size and design / shape laid in Ordinary Grey Colour and pattern over and including 40 mm thick compacted bed of coarse sand, filling the joints with fine sand etc, all complete as per directions of Engineer-in-Charge.[CSR item No. 14.138] 925.79 Sqm
11 Providing and fixing ( PPGL) precoated painted galvalume sheet roofing (size, shape and pitch of corrugation as approved by Engineer-in-charge) The end rib shall have anti cappillary groove and return leg. The steel sheet must be having yield strength of 550 MPa ( Fy= 550 MPa) metallic coated with Zinc- Aluminium alloy ( i.e. 55% Al, 43.4%Zinc, 1.6% Si-Zincalume) AZ150 ( Min. 150 bm/mm2 total on both sides), pre painted with super Durable Polyster XRW quality paint includes inorganic infrared reflective pigment. The sheet confirms to general requirement of AS/NZS 2728 type 4/ IS 15965 class 3 durability and gloss value of 25% -40%. should be supplied in single length upto 12 metre or as desired by Engineer-incharge. The sheet shall be fixed using self drilling /self tapping screws of size (5.5x 55 mm) with EPDM seal, complete upto any pitch in horizontal/ vertical or curved surfaces, excluding the cost of purlins, rafters and trusses and including cutting to size and shape wherever required (CSR item No 13.27 (iii) b ) 0.60 mm (+ 0.05 %) thick 237.02 Sqm
12 Structural steel work in angles, tees, flats, riveted,including cutting, fixing all gusset plates, bolts,nuts, rivets etc. with hoisting and erecting in position. [CSR item No. 18.3 (a)].A)For roof truss, well curbs, plate girders etc.of any span for building for bridges upto 15M span 40.17 Qtl
13 Iron grated doors, including pintle hinges & arrangements. (CSR item No. 18.5) 1.50 Qtl
14 1.2 meter high G.I barbed wire fancing with 1.2 meter angle iron post 40x40x6mm placed every 3meter center 0.6 meter below ground level every 15th post end post,corner post suitably strutted provided with 5 horizontal lines and two diagonals interwowen with wires fixed with GL staples .turn buckles etc. including foundation concrete 1:2:4 of size 0.23x0.23x0.30 m for each post complete as per technical clause 807 of Morth specification 136.34 mtr
15 Providing G.I wire mesh for construction of horticulture waste pit 1743.12 Sft
16 Painting two or more coats excluding priming coat with synthetic enamel paint in all shades on wood work, metallic or plastered, concrete surface to give an even shade. (CSR item No. 16.17) 55.16 Sqm.
17 Applying priming coat with metal primer on new steel or iron work including preparation ofsurface. (CSR item No. 16.20) 55.43 Sqm
18 Finishing walls with exterior decorative cement based paint such as snowcem, robbiacem etc. two or more coats to give an even shade.(CSR item No. 16.13) 773.24 Sqm
19 Providing, laying in trenches to correct gradient and alignment and jointing of UPVC pipes having ISI specification IS:15328-2003 class-SN-8 marked make Supreme, Finolex, Kissan, Jain, Prince or equivalent good on them and laying the same in trenches to correct alignment and gradients, cutting and jointing, testing for water tightness and making good the leakages and defects including cost of specials (Specials and Solvent should be of same make as that of pipes) complete in all respects.(CSR item No. 29.43 (d) )200MM O/d pipe 35.00 Mtr
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