Comprehensive , Preventive And Periodical Maint Of Ctvs Ac Plant At Ahrr Under Ge Electrical And Mechanical Rr Hosp, Delhi Cantt-10

Tendering Authority: Military Engineer Services

India, Delhi, Delhi



Last Date For Submission

14 Feb, 2023

Closing Date

14 Feb, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 53 | Total Qty : 3141
# Item Quantity Units
1 M&L for Comprehensive, Preventive and routine maintenance of 4 Nos of chilling machines of capacity-400 TR each Make : M/s VOLTAS Ltd (Model: EGWCFXR430ML2E), 34 Nos of AHUs of various capacities, 4 nos of cooling towers including fan motor with connected accessories, 4 nos of Hot water Generators of 600 KW, Hot water, Condenser and chiller motor with pump of existing capacities ,remote controlled unit, LT panel boards including servicing of LT panel board all accessories including control cable/LT cable (any description) and all low side Equipments of HVAC system installed for CTVS Hospital complete all as specified & directed. 11.00 Per Calender Month
2 Notes:-(a) The cost of refrigerant & compressor oil, as and when required to be replaced / replenished during the entire contract period is deemed to be included in the quoted rates and no extra cost shall be paid to the contractor in this effect. (b) The four preventive / periodical maintenance services and one annual comprehensive maintenance service shall be carried out by M/s Voltas to each chiller machine during the currency of the contract. The contractor shall submit the record of periodical/preventive/Annual maintenance services carried out by M/s Voltas along with documentary evidence for claiming payment. (c) During entire contract period, any defective component(s)/rapid flow switch and/or any other materials which is not specified /given in Schedule A , but essential to be repair/replace, to make plant(s)/machine(s) fully functional, the cost of the same is deemed to be included in quoted rates and no extra cost shall be paid to the contractor in this effect.
3 Notes (Contd): - (d)The entire work as mentioned in srl item No 1.00, shall be got executed through OEM i.e. M/s Voltas Ltd only. The contractor shall upload / submit the scanned copy of MOU with OEM i.e. M/s Voltas Ltd in cover No. 1, failing which the tender application / bid will be summarily rejected. The contractor will also submit the physical copy of MOU along with their application and DD in the office of tender inviting authority prior to bid opening date (Cover 1) failing which bid submitted by the contractor will be summarily rejected.
4 (e)The chiller machines along with connected items will be handed over to contractor in as and when condition and no claim in this effect will be accepted at any stage. Hence, the bidder is advised to visit the site to assess the quantum of work to be carried out in this contract and quote their rates accordingly. (f) All the complaint/ faults will be addressed within 30 min from the time of receipt of complaint. If, contractor or his tradesmen fails to attend the complaint within 30 min from the time of receipt of complaint, the compensation/penalty of Rs. 500.00 (Rupees Five Hundred only) per complaint per hr for first 04 hrs and after that Rs. 1000.00 (Rupees One Thousand only) per complaint per hr shall be recovered from the contractor s dues. (g)The cost of transportation (to and fro) and other necessary equipment shall be arranged / brought by contractor to complete the job and no extra cost shall be paid to the contractor in this effect.
5 (h) The motor capacity 3 Hp to 7.5 Hp at any place including connected item will be replaced same day at the site by the contractor, other wise a penalty of Rs 1000 (Rupees one Thousand ) first day there after a penalty of Rs 2000 (Rupees two thousand ) will be recovered from the Contractor . (j) Hot water Gen Servicing to be deemed in the quoted rate before starting of winter season and replacement non-functioning item like Heating coil , PCB Board, controll panel for Hot Water Gen, connecting lead including electrical item and same report to be submit to the concern authority with out any cost effect.
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