Bhatkuwa Patti Daya Rai (harijan Basti) Me Noorjahan Ke Makan Se Alok Patrakar Ke Makan Tak C.c. Road And Anand Ke Makan Tak 370 M. Ruber Molded Interlocking Karya (block- Mohammdabad Gohna)

Tendering Authority: Director Cum Chief Engineer RED

India, Uttar Pradesh, Basti



Last Date For Submission

10 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

10 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 15 | Total Qty : 2666.1299999999997
# Item Quantity Units
1 Earth work in cutting or embankment in ordinary soil excavation to be in form of regular pits not exceeding 0.50 metre depth and earth work in embankment to be in 20Cm (8") layers including ramming and dresing the surface to required level and slope but soil taken from 1 Km cartage as per SI. No 253 & cartage 1KM Kaccha 159.75 cum
2 Excavation in foundation in ordinary soil (Loam clay, or sand ) including lift upto 1.5 m & lift up to 30.0 Mtr & including filling,watering and ramming ofexcavated earth in to the trenches or in to the space between the building and the sides of foundataion trenches or in to the plinth and removal & disposal of surplus earth as directed by the Engineer- In-Charge up to a distance of 30.0 Mtr from the foundation trenches as per SI. N0. 251. 23.25 cum
3 Concrete with 4 cm. gauge brick ballast, Fine sand of 1.25 F.M. and cement in proportion of 12:6:1 in foundation and under floors, including supply of all materials, labour and T&P etc. required for proper completion of the work.as per SI. N0. 273 94.38 cum
4 First class brick work in 1:4 cement and coarse sand above 2.25 F.M. mortar in foundation and plinth including supply of all materials,labour and t&p etc required for proper completion of the work. as per SI. N0. 305(B). 93.84 cum
5 Providing and Laying 80mm thick Rubber Moulded Zig zag C.C. Interlocking as per 1504 NS 304.40 sqm
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