auction sale of scrap seat only cussion with rexine lying at gdr-0.3 mt scrap glasses all type lying at srt-13.4 mt blr-1.5 mt scrap fire fighting extinguishers 6 kg lying at srt-16 no brd-90 no scrap bottol jack lying at brc-20 no scrap rubber envelop lying at gdr-450 no blr-352 no scrap cng spark plug lying at gdr-2000 no scrap cng ht cable lying at brc-4200 no brd-8800 no blr-6700 no gdr-5000 no srt-16565 no scrap television lying at srt-2 no scrap drill machine plastic lying at brc-12 no gdr-6 no scrap fiber pice lying at gdr-0.5 mt srt-6 mt blr-3.35 mt brd-3 mt scrap radial tyre jeep 215/75total qty. lying at blr-8 no scrap table fans lying at blr-1 no srt-9 no scrap fire fighting extinguishers 2 kg lying at blr-30 no scrap fire fighting extinguishers 5 kg lying at blr-10 no scrap starter assy.(auto) lying at srt-75 no blr-70 no brd-27 no scrap aulttonator assy. (auto) lying at blr-45 no scrap mechanic jack lying at gdr-42 no scrap plastic barrel 200/205/210 ltr cap lying at brd-200 no gdr-200 no brc-100 no srt-183 no blr-130 no scrap dot metric printer lying at gdr-31 no brd-20 no brc-7 no blr-8 no srt-20 no


India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad



Last Date For Submission

29 Apr, 2021

Closing Date

29 Apr, 2021

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NTID: 24447094
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