Auction Sale Of 10 Nos. Sticker Banners Of Assorted Sizes, Etc,05 Nos. Rakhis Of Assorted Designs/ Styles, Etc,a) 01 No. Instrument Cluster, Etc,a) 01 Rubber Actuator For Tunning Fork, Etc,01 No. Metallic L-shaped Tube (aircraft Component) (ecs Interface), Etc,a) 25 Nos. 4 Port Usb Hubs; B) 20 Nos. Lens Cleaning Cloths, Etc,a) 05 Nos. Dummy Micro Sd Cards B) 05 Nos. Micro-processors, Etc,magnetic Card Readers & Encorders Of Assorted Models With Power Adaptors, Etc,metallic Clamps, Etc,24 Nos, Metallic Thermal Tumblers, China, Etc,20 Nos. Handicraft Items Of Assorted Varieties/ Shapes/ Sizes, Etc,16 Nos. Readymade Garments Of Assorted Varieties/ Designs/ Colours, Etc,05 Nos. Embroided/ Decorative Dress Material For Ladies, Etc,printed Material (catalogues), Etc,a) 01 No. Folding Umbrella B) 03 Pouches For Tools, Etc,68 Nos. Equestrian (for Horses) Accessories, Etc,a) 02 Nos. Display Stands B) 06 Nos. Dummy Water Taps For Display Window, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170932, 01 No. Motorcycle (with Dust/ Oil Leaked), Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170926, 48 No. Mass Air Flow Sensors, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170925, 50 No. Electric Chain Hoists Of Same Model, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170916, A) 02 No. Professional Pen Tablets, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170910, 01 No. Pulse Boot Tall, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170762, A) 04 No. Plastic/ Pvc Cases For Ipad Pro 10.5", Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170756, A) 02 No. Ipads With Flipcovers,, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170738, 104 No. Decorative Metallic Tumblers, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170734, A) Printed Matter (catalogues);, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170733, A) 299 No. Stoles/ Mufflers, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103170726, 114 No. Spools/ Bobbins Of Wires, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160705, A) 395 No. Fabric Back-packs, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160696, 30 No. Portable Bluetooth Speakers,, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160686, 01 No. Voice Switch 1u Half-width,, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160685, 03 No. Standard Flexibility Tester, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160684, 01 No. Ultrasonic Cutter,, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160677, 02 No. Servers(networking Devices)of Assorted Models, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160668, 335 No. Inflatable Rugby Balls Of Assorted Sizes, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160663, 01 No. Pump, Model : Grundfos, Hungary, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160660, 504 No. Key Switches, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160659, 06 Sets Of Bevel Gears With Pinions, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160658, 01 Set Of Pouch Packing Machine With Accessories, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160656, A) 01 No. Skin Treatment Machine With Accessories, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160642,24 No. Creping Blades(for Use In Paper Making Machine),etc,lot No.: Rq2103160636, A) 59 No. Accelerometers, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160621, A) 20 No. Reusable Silicon Anaesthesia Face Masks, Etc,lot No.: Rq2103160618, 02 Sets Of Indoor & Outdoor Units, Etc


India, Multi State, Multi City



Last Date For Submission

07 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

07 Aug, 2021

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