Auction Of Unserviceable Stores Items - Automatic Water Level Recorder, Almirah, Iron Ply Bed, Soil Tube Auger With Hammer, Electric Weight, Refrigerator, Fire Extiguisher, Pedestal Fan, Beam Scale, Double Beam, Hot Air Oeven, Water Bath, Scanner, Ph Meter, Lpg Gas Regulator, Water Level Indicator, Lawn Mover, Hammer, Disc Plough, Pronmatic Planter, Power Chain Sow, Projector, Hand Sprayer, Jeep Crane Assy, Current Meter, Tywriter, Hot Blower, Water Cooler, Rain Gauge Recorder, Hot Case, Water Purifier, Bush Cutter, Table, Chair, Air Conditioner, Exhaust Fan, Ceiling Fan Etc

Tendering Authority: Indian Council Of Agricultural Research

India, Uttarakhand, DEHRADUN



Last Date For Submission

18 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

18 Oct, 2022

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