annual requirement of consumables - cable tie 350 mm, insulation tape, 16a 3pin plug top, 60 w bulb, 16&6 a socket, 150mm2 al lugs, 300sqmm al cable lug, duracell battery 9v square type, ring socket 2.5sqmm 4mm co.insulated, ring socket copper 10sqmm, pin type copper tinned socket 2.5sqmm, hex crimping type aluminium lugs 6 sqmm, 4 set aa rechargeable battery with charger, fan capacitor 2.5mfd, insulation tape (r,y,b,g,black), waterproof insulation tape, ceiling fan capacitor, 2.5 mfd, exhaust fan capacitor, 36 mfd, irrigation pump capacitor, 10 mfd, submersible pump capacitor, 40 mfd, 45 mfd capacitor, heavy duty, duracell, 9v battery, cable lug, ring type, 2.5-5, cu, cable lug, ring type, 16-8, cu, indicator lamp red, rcb7ivl75, mcb, 1 pole, 32a, sh 201m c32, rccb, 40a, 100ma, fh202, contactor, 45a, a9-30-10, wire 2.5 sqmm copper, polycab, 90 m, cable 2.5 sqmm 3 core, ceiling fan, orient wall (bracket fan) fan, air circulating fan, exhaust fan 450mm sweep (almonard or equivalent), ceiling rose, switch, 16a, 230v,mk, power socket, 6/16a, mk, 3 pin plug top, 16a, 240vac, fhc glass beading, 1 module plate ,mk, dummy switch (blanker), ms box 2 module, dol starter mk1 1.5 to 14a, 6a 1 way switch anchor or equivalent, 6a 2 in 1 penta socket, rubber gloves 11kv, 1000w halogen tube crompton, 1000w halogen fitting, 500w halogen bulb, tester taparia or equivalent, l&t 20a dp mcb, cooling fan, mcb 2p 16a abb, battery (aa 1.5v pile alkaline battery- industrial grade), rubber hand gloves, di-electric gloves (11kv), fan filter for rtu, hrc fuse-32a, cartridge fuse 1 amps, glass fuse - 100ma, 5*20mm, digital timer crono, gi saddle 30mm, steel screw 25x8, grip pvc 6mm (100/pckt), cat 6 cable wire clip, water level controller without probe wlcd-1, 3 pole, 125a mccb, 25 mm flexible conduit, rj 45 connector, cat 6 cable, rj45 jack, rj 45 boot, rj45 i/o connector, rj45 i/o connector face plate (2 port), rj 11 jack, lc-sc single mode fiber patchchord 5 mtrs, lc-lc single mode fiber patchchord 5 mtrs, fiber optic pen cleaner (lc type), dpdt toggle switch on-off-on 5a @125 va, de soldering pump, flex easy 50ml, usb cable-1m, desk lamp, crimping tool dlink-rj 45, cable lug, ring type 16-8, al, ld71-121-xxx-50-xx recess mounted iris downlighter, 14w, external light lr02-981-xxx-57-xx, 80w, lh06-931xxx-57kmsm surface mounted highbay, 79.8w, external light lr02-671-xxx-57-xx, 60w, cleanray crc013s036hp57kmsl surface mounted 4ft * 1ft, 40w, le10-491xxx-57hcsl-led- surface mounting, 38.5w, le11-491xxx-57km01 -led-trunk mounting, 38.5w 1700mm, clean ray crc010r036hp57 immaculate recessed mounted 2ft * 2ft, 36w, rotary switch, 2r26b, kaycee or equivalent, 6/10a 2pole 2way withoff kaycee 2s26bo or equivalent, sand paper(silicon carbide waterproof paper) 220 grit size, hacksaw blade (300mmx12.5mmx0.6mm)x 1.0 pitch, grinding wheel for stainless steel, cutting blade for stainless steel (105x1x16), padlock 50 mm brass, padlock brass (small size), steel wire brush with 30mm bristle dia, grease gun (small size), m seal, screw, 1 inch, file (tool)(all types) needle type, wire puller, wire brush, bending spring, 20 mm, padlock brass (small size), tool bag (medium), allen bolt m6x40, ss nut 8mm, empty barrel, ss bolt 6x35 hexj, ss nut 6mm j, washer 3/16, bolt 3/8x 1, nut 3/8, washer 3/8, bolt 5/16x1 1/2 ash new, nut 5/16, washer 5/16, gi washer 1/2, shellac 50 ml, waterpaper jawan 220, golden bolt 1/2x2 h, ss bolt 1/2x 1 1/2, ss screw 19*6 (3/4), grip 6mm, 20mm flexible pipe, mm bolt 12*40, 10*50 hex bolt with nut, 10mm washer, ss bolt 10*40, ss nut m10 (304), spring washer 12, allen bolt 8*25, hex bolt m10x75 ft, cleaning brush 2 inch, cleaning brush small, soldering iron 25w, soldering tin wire 22 swg, soldering flex 10gm, pipe wrench14 inch, water pump plier, drill bit set, screw driver set, line tester, screw (1.5") (head +), 1.5"screw fischer, concrete nail ( 1.5"), hacksaw frame, knife, spirit level, wire brush, brush 2", brush 4", krone tool, insertion tool, knife blade, smoke detector, response indicator, hooter and strobe, manual call point, glue gun stick, paintbrush 50 mm, paintbrush 25 mm, paint brush 75 mm, spray paint 400ml (siemenes grey or equivalent), spray paint 400ml (silver glossy), anti corrosive bituminous black paint confirms to is:9862, aluminium paint (berger salvaline aluminium paint or equivalent), enamel paint(golden yellow), enamel paint(black), enamel paint(white), enamel paint(red), metal primer (red oxide), paint roller (4'' x 10''), enamel paint(blue), aluminium paint 500 ml, paint turpen, paint brush 2", paint brush 0.5", flat writing brush no 16, flat writing brush no 14, cotton waste, banian yarn waste - as per is:5485 - 1980 or equivalent, cotton cloth, cotton waste colored, waste cloth, lint free cloth, liquid hand wash set, micro fibre cloth, vaccum cleaner (small), blower, torch, head torch, odomos mosquito repellant - 100g, all out liquidator, all out liquid refill, liquid hand wash, paper napkin-100 pcs, laptop bag, chalk (white), chalk (colour), colin, herbicide (glyphosate 41% sl), duct tape big, silica gel, isopropyl alcohol, surgical gloves, hand gloves knitted, knitted with nitrile coating hand gloves, industrial pollution mask wiith exhust valve, barication tape, nose mask, cotton gloves, safety googles, safety mask 9000ing respirator, 3m or equivalent, comfort grip gloves, 3m or equivalent, goggles, 3m or equivalent, masking tape 36mm, fire extinguisher 9 l water type, fire extinguisher 9 l foam type, fire extinguisher 4.5kg co2 type


India, Kerala, Ernakulam



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31 Jul, 2021

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31 Jul, 2021

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