annual rate contract for 84 items of water supply - apvc pipe 15mm dia, apvc pipe 20mm dia, apvc pipe 25mm dia, pvc grey pipe 32mm, pvc grey tee 32mm, pvc grey elbow 32 mm, pvc grey socket 32mm, apvc elbow 15mm (1/2')', apvc elbow 20mm (3/4''), apvc elbow 25mm (1''), apvc socket 15mm (1/2''), apvc socket 20mm ( 3/4''), apvc socket 25mm (1''), apvc mta 15mm (1/2''), apvc mta 20mm (3/4''), apvc fta 15mm (1/2''), apvc fta 20mm (3/4''), apvc fta 25mm (1''), apvc tee 15mm (1/2''), apvc tee 20mm (3/4''), apvc tee 25mm (1''), reducing apvc tee 25x15mm, reducing apvc tee 25x20mm, reducing apvc tee 32x25mm, apvc reducer socket 20x15mm', apvc reducer socket 25x15mm, apvc reducer socket 25x20mm, apvc reducer bush 25x20mm, apvc end cap 15mm (1/2''), apvc end cap 20mm (3/4''), apvc end cap 25mm ( 1''), pvc flush tank handles, pvc syphon washer, bib cock washer, pillar cock washer, pvc tank connector 25mm, pvc float valve with ball 15mm for flush tank, pvc float valve with ball 25mm, brass float valve 25mm with ball (heavy duty), pvc ewc seat cover white, pvc ball valve 15mm (1/2''), pvc ball valve 20mm (3/4''), pvc ball valve 25mm (1''), teflon tape 25mm wide 1", pvc flush tank high level, pvc flush tank low level, hacksaw blade hss, apvc solution 118ml pack, 80mm water meter, pvc solution 250ml bottle, health faucet full set, c.p pillar cock 15mm, c.p bib cock 15mm, c.p stop cock 15mm, waste coupling 32mm, c.p shower rose, pvc foot valve 50mm dia (2''), pvc foot valve 75mm dia (3''), g.i clamps 15mm, g.i clamps 25mm, concrete nails, g.m wheel valve 25mm, g.m wheel valve 50mm, g.m wheel valve 80mm, waste pipe 32mm abs material 2' long, m -seal 1 kg pack, polythen pipe 15mm dia 24''long, wash basin, plastic bib cock 15mm, jute, white lead 1 kg pack, apvc mta 25mm ( 1''), apv reducing bush 25x15mm, pvc reducing bush 20x15mm, pvc grey fta 32mm, pvc grey reducer 32mmx25mm, pvc grey end cap 32mm, rubber packing (black), 80mm metallic foot-valve, grey pvc pipe 25mm, anchor bolt 10x100mm, apvc pipe 50mm, apvc pipe 40mm, hdpe tank cover.

Tendering Authority: MORMUGAO PORT TRUST

India, Goa, Mormugao



Last Date For Submission

04 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

04 Aug, 2021

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