Annual Plan-thodupuzha Bp-2022-23 Muttom P C T Colony Road Re-tarring -pro.no. 19/23-muttom Gp-general Civil Work


India, Kerala, Thodupuzha



Last Date For Submission

03 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

03 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 8 | Total Qty : 3244.7200000000003
# Item Quantity Units
1 Re tarring
2 3.5.1:Excavation in Cutting in Soil by manual means with lead upto 50 m Excavation for roadway in soil using manual means for carrying of cut earth to embankment site with a lift upto 1.5 m and lead upto 50 m as per Technical Specification Clause 302.3 6.7500 cum
3 75.8.1:Providing Plain cement concrete for road work CC 1:2:4 (1 cement: 2 fine aggregate: 4course aggregate) laid to required slope and camber in panels (@ 3 m c/c) as requiredincluding compaction, finishing and tamping etc .complete. Max. size of courseaggregate not exceeding 25mm , mixed in concrete mixer etc complete as perspecification (i) Nominal mix (1:2:4) 6.7500 cum
4 75.5.5.B.2pb:Modified Penetration Macadam 75 mm thick using Bitumen S-65 - Packed Bitumen Rates Construction of penetration macadam over prepared base by providing a layer of compacted crushed coarse aggregate using chips spreader with alternate applications of bituminous binder and key aggregates and rolling with a three wheel 80-100 kN static roller to achieve the desired degree of compaction as per Technical Specification Clause 506. 54.7200 sqm
5 Coat - With Packed Bitumen Rates Providing and applying tack coat with Bitumen emulsion (RS-1) using emulsion distributor at the rate of 0.20 to 0.25 kg per sqm on the prepared bituminous surface cleaned with Hydraulic broom as per Technical Specification Clause 503. 1058.5000 sqm
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