Annual Maintenance Contract For Structural Works In Ttpl


India, Kerala, Trivandrum



Last Date For Submission

18 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

18 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 27 | Total Qty : 123442
# Item Quantity Units
1 AMC for Structural Works in TTPL
2 Dismantling steel work in built up sections in angles, tees, flats and channels including all gusset plates,bolts, nuts, cutting rivets, welding etc. including dismembering, stacking and conveying the unserviceable materials to dumpyard netc complete as per the direction of the engineer in charge. 45000.00 kg
3 Labour charges for dismantling & removing the AC roofing sheet, ridges, barge board, hips, valleys etc and stacking the serviceable material and dumping the unserviceable materials to dump yard including cost of all labours ,hire of tools, charges for scaffolding etc. complete as per the direction of the Engineer in charge 2000.00 sqm
4 Labour charge for proving temporary brackets and supports using old dismantled MS section or new section while replacing heavy structural including selecting, cutting , conveying, fabricating and fitting brackets and supports whenever necessary, dismantling and removing the same after completion of work etc complete as per the direction of Engineer in Charge. 10000.00 kg
5 Labour charges for repairing/modifying/strengthening and replacing the damaged steel structurals such as column, beam, staircase, purlin, trusses, bracing, bracket etc of the building at various levels up to height of 25.3m including charges for fabricating members to size, conveying it to the site, lifting and fitting in position either by welding or by bolting, painting with iron primer after cleaning the surface thoroughly, including cost of welding rods, cutting gas , hire of tools and charges for scaffolding, conveying MS materials from store and debris to the dump yard etc complete as per the direction of the Engineer in charge 40000.00 kg
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