A. The Scope Of Work Includes Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Supply, , Erection And Commissioning Of The Electrically Operated Monorail Trolleys With All Accessories For Mallappa Shaft Cage Changing System Of Hgml. B. Supply Of Approximately 23 Meters Of Monorail Beam (ismb 450) For Ms.c. Supply Of Four Numbers Of 05 Mt Electrically Operated Monorail Trolleys With Suitable Arrangement For Movement Along The Curved Path With Push Button Pendent Type Operation. The Trolleys Shall Suit Our Existing Cage/skip Changeover System At Mallappa Shaft.d. Dsl System With Current Controller (rybb) For A Length Of 23 Meters.e. Independently Operating Pendent For Each Trolley.f. Dismantling Of The Existing Structure.g. Installation Of Monorail Beam.h. Erection And Commission Of The Electrically Operated Trolley Systems With Dsl Erection With Current Controller.i. Refitting Of The Bottom Hanging Arrangements And Testing Of The Overall System And Commissioning Of The Same.

Tendering Authority: Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited (the)

India, Karnataka, Multi city



Last Date For Submission

11 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

11 Aug, 2021

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