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Revenue Department 6 Days Left

NTID 29326946

Procurement Of Punchkarma - Nadi Tarangini Yantra , Hemoglobin Metre , Urine Stix , Pregnancy Card , Malariya Card , Hepatitis B , Typhoid Card , Glucometer , Glucostrips , Vaginal Speculam , Oto Scope , Pulse Oximeter , Near Vision Chart , Color Vision Chart , Snellen Chart , St...

Champawat, Uttarakhand, India End Date: Mon 10th Oct, 2022 N/A

Directorate Of Employment And Training 8 Days Left

NTID 29312207

Tender For Supply Of Press , Hookup Wire Copper , I.c. 1651 Based Fm Transmiter Bcidircdueittkaiitlswith Pcb Circuit Diagram With Description Andtrack Drawn Pcb , I.c. 484 Based Am Receiver Circuit Kit With Pcb Circuit Diagram With Track Drawn Pcb , I.c. 555 Based Am Transmiter C...

Amreli, Gujarat, India End Date: Wed 12th Oct, 2022 N/A

Health And Family Welfare Department 9 Days Left

NTID 29303360

Supply Of Clinical Material, Tools And Equipment At Uphcs Running Under Nuhm - Rechargeable Torch, Infantometer, Childmuac Tape, Magnifying Glass.

Parganas, West Bengal, India End Date: Thu 13th Oct, 2022 N/A

Directorate Of Employment And Training 4 Days Left

NTID 29297658

Tender For Supply Of Tail Comb , Style Comb , Open Teeth Tail Comb , Small Bowls , Head Band , Spray Bottle , Nail File , Nail Cutter , Towel Large And Medium , Napkin , Hair Accessories , Makeup Brush Set Of 11 , Pack And Bleach Brush , Scissors For Hair Cutting , Wax Applicator...

Surat, Gujarat, India End Date: Sat 8th Oct, 2022 N/A

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District Panchayat 3 Days Left

NTID 29296646

Supply Of Brail Kit , Brail Slate , Activity Kit-6 , Activity Kit-7 , Activity Kit-8 , Teaching Chart , Therapy Mat , Tricycle , Wheel Chair , Table , Orthopedic Walking Stic , Hearing Aids , Theree Wheel Shoulder Buider Arm Wheel , Air Walker Stroller Single , Tool Kit For Vadya...

Vijalpore, Gujarat, India End Date: Fri 7th Oct, 2022 10.00 Lacs

Bharat Electronics Limited 4 Days Left

NTID 29295297

Supply Of Magnifier For Inspection Of Pcb (q3)

Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India End Date: Sat 8th Oct, 2022 N/A

Border Security Force 3 Days Left

NTID 29283624

Tender For Supply Of Hand Vice , File Smooth Triangular , Saw Tenan , Armourer Tool Bag , Armourer Workshop Repair Table Wooden , Magnifier Glass , Phoenix Etching Pencil , Digital Variner Caliber , Steel Tray

Kutch, Gujarat, India End Date: Fri 7th Oct, 2022 5.00 Lacs

National Institute Of Electronics And Information Technology 3 Days Left

NTID 29283400

Tender For Supply Of Bid Documentbid Details07-10-2022 17:00:0007-10-2022 17:30:0030 (days)ministry Of Electronics And Information Technologynanational Institute Of Electronics And Information Technology - Nielit (formerly Doeacc Society)leh3996tiny Lidar Laser Ranging Sensor , F...

Leh Ladakh, Jammu And Kashmir, India End Date: Fri 7th Oct, 2022 7.20 Lacs

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National Small Industries Corporation Limited 2 Days Left

NTID 29276480

Tender For Supply Of A4 Size Rim Papers , Noting Sheets , Box File , Whitener Pen , Stapler Big , Office Bell , Delta Registers , White Sheet 12x18 , Pen Drive , Magnifying Lens

Faridabad, [Haryana / Delhi NCR], India End Date: Thu 6th Oct, 2022 N/A

Food Corporation Of India 11 Days Left

NTID 29238987

Purchase Of Qc Lab Equipments For Fci, Ro - Conical Sample Divider (boerner Type), Enameled Plates (round), Parkhi, Magnifying Glass, Portable Balance With Weight Box, Sample Scoop Set, Measuring Cylinder- 10ml, Measuring Cylinder- 25ml, Sieve Set, Forceps, Beaker (100ml), Digita...

Shillong, Meghalaya, India End Date: Sat 15th Oct, 2022 1.61 Lacs

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