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Pressure Transducer Tenders In India

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Department Of Defence Research And Development 5 Days Left

NTID 30628507

Description : Pressure Transducer Make - Kulite

Hyderabad, Telangana, India End Date: Thu 2nd Feb, 2023 N/A Matched Criteria : Subcategory

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology 16 Days Left

NTID 30610149

Description : Supply, Installation, And Commissioning Of Pressure Transducer With Its Accessories.

Surat, Gujarat, India End Date: Mon 13th Feb, 2023 N/A Matched Criteria : Subcategory

Indian Institute Of Technology 2 Days Left

NTID 30523302

Description : Tender For Supply Of Soil Pressure Gauges For Model Experiments Range 200 Kpa For Wall Surface As Per Specifications Attached Annexure-1, Soil Pressure Transducer For The Model Experiment Range 200 Kpa For Plain Surface As Per Specifications Attached Annexure-1, Displacement Tran...

Dharwad, Karnataka, India End Date: Mon 30th Jan, 2023 N/A Matched Criteria : Subcategory

Central Water Commission 19 Days Left

NTID 30519642

Description : Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning And Maintenance Of Telemetry Based Reservoir Monitoring Systems

BOQ item : installation testing and commissioning of automated water level recorder (non contact radar of range 35m, 70m, 100m), submersible pressure transducer, automated rain gauge for rivers/canals/reservoirs and associated civil works for mounting the radar with all necessary hardware as per technical specification

Kochi, Kerala, India End Date: Thu 16th Feb, 2023 N/A Matched Criteria : BOQ

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Rajasthan State Road Development And Construction Corporation Limited 9 Days Left

NTID 30517532

Description : Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Fire Fighting Work For Phase-ii Of Medical College And Upgradation Of Hospital At Sikar

BOQ item : providing & fixing pressure transducer in m.s. pipe line (pressure range 3.5 kg/cm2) suitable for 12 volts/24 volt dc. including connection etc. as required complete in all respect. all as per pre approved by engineer in charge. for additional technical parameters of products/ work , refer annexure "a" attached with this bsr .

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India End Date: Mon 6th Feb, 2023 3.69 CR Matched Criteria : BOQ

Damodar Valley Corporation 14 Days Left

NTID 30499192

Description : Tender For Supply Of Pressure Transducer Range 0 To 16 Bar , Pressuretransducer Range 0 To 6 Bar , Pressure Transducer Range 0to 25 Bar , Pressure Transducer Range 0 To 100 Bar

Bokaro, Jharkhand, India End Date: Sat 11th Feb, 2023 N/A Matched Criteria : Subcategory

Damodar Valley Corporation 7 Days Left

NTID 30499189

Description : Tender For Supply Of Ewd 330 230 50 Or 60 Part No 8102041988 , Pressuretransducer For Compressor Part No 1089962512 ,temperature Sensor , Pressure Transducer Forcompressor Part No 1089962518 , Sensor Press Part No1089962516 , Set Wearing Parts Ewd 330 , Part No 06632108 63 Oring ...

Bokaro, Jharkhand, India End Date: Sat 4th Feb, 2023 N/A Matched Criteria : Subcategory

Public Works Department 2 Days Left

NTID 30495267

Description : Construction Of Devdarshini Sthal Under Shri Badrinath Dham Masterplan Under Csr At Shri Badrinath Dham.

BOQ item : hydro pneumatic system for domestic water distribution hydropneumatic system variable speed hydro-booster system compact self contained hydro-booster system comprising of following sitc of in-line, vertical multistage, centrifugal clear water pumps with ss-304 casing, s.s 304 impeller and ss-304 shaft, c.i. base ced (cathode electrode deposition) coating & head tefc motor (with mechanical seal), dry run protection, antivibration paid, 2 pole motor & ie3 efficiency. vendor to submit performance curves and technical catalogue of the proposed model for review and information. panel mounted microprocessor based multi pump controller with large graphical display with vga 240 x 320 pixels and variable frequency drive (vfd) integrated in a single body, pressure sensor transmitter, ip 55 enclosure, diodes to indicate pump ready, earthing, pump running and fault condition, cascade operation. each incomer and outgoing feeder should be capable for protection against overload, short circuit and phase reversal condition and shall be capable to communicate with other controllers following. the plc shall support modbus-ip communication for its compatability to intergrate with 3rd party bas system. controller shall authorise read/write command via bms.system should be capable to compensate for frictional losses at lower flows. all alarms should be displayed in the controller. system should be equipped with dry running protection. indication of all type of faults / on-off status / electrical parameters shall be available on panel and central ibms monitors. on-off operation for all pumps shall be available on bms system.electronic type low water level controller with led panel to operate pump (necessary contacts along with minimum one plc operated spare contacts required), with probe & all control wiring from panel to tank to operate the system automatic/manual & shall prevent the pump from dry running. scope shall also include power and control cable of required size, termination, cable tray from pump to control panel, control cable as whereever required etc. complete the job. pre-charged diaphragm pressure vessel with interchangeable membrane, charging connection, connected to outlet header with necessary flanges, gaskets, isolating valves, nuts/bolts etc. complete (size of pressure vessel shall be as per manufacturer recommendation).set of accessories such as gi c class headers of suction and discharge for (working and standby pump assembly) with ced coating, cast iron control valves, cast iron non return valves, pressure transducers, pressure gauge with isolation valve of pn 10 etc. complete the job.require complete company fitted ready-to-connect packaged system. capacity per pump - 4.0 m3/hour , head -40 mt, 1 set = 2 nos. pump (1 working + 1 standby - cascade operation) , total capacity of system: 12 m3/hour, location - pump room, suction head - flooded positive suction

Joshimath, Uttarakhand, India End Date: Mon 30th Jan, 2023 13.55 CR Matched Criteria : BOQ

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Indian Institute Of Information Technology And Management 4 Days Left

NTID 30473853

Description : Construction Of Library Block With Data Center For Iiitm-k At Technocity, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (phase Ii)

BOQ item : od164046/2022_2023 : supply, installation, testing & commissining of pressure independent vav boxes. all boxes shall be acoustically lined internally, pressure independent type, supplied with integral attenuators, pressure transducer, transformer, thermostat and all control wirings in conduits, air flow sensor, damper, actuator, and shall be ceiling mounted and connected to the central air systems. vav shall be suitable for 240±10% volts, 50 cycles and single phase ac supply and communicable to bacnet/modbus bms protocol complete as per specification and as required.<br>vav-ff-10, vav-ff-12 to 13, vav-4f-02 to 03, vav-4f-15 to 16

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India End Date: Wed 1st Feb, 2023 54.72 CR Matched Criteria : BOQ

Jharkhand State Building Construction Corporation Limited 2 Days Left

NTID 30472463

Description : Construction Of Dhanwantri Ayush Hospital At Ranchi District

BOQ item : providing, installing, testing and commissining of variable speed (vsps) hydropneumatic system mounted on a common base plate comprising of vertical centrifugal pumping set with s.s body, stainless steel impeller and mechanical seal, shaft directly coupled to a tefc induction motor suitable for 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles ac supply with 150 mm dia pressure gauge with gunmetal isolation cock, vibration eliminating pads under foundation, one no. microprocessor based controller, dedicated variable frequency drive for each pump, one no.remote sensors, pressure transducers, sequence running cotroller, dry running protection,motor control centre, necessary power and control cabling from mcc to pumps including required rating of mcb, one no. 90 litre capacity m.s diaphragam tank with interchangeable butyl rubber membrane,complete in all respects including ms zinc coated suction and delivery headers and isolation/ control valves( ball valves/butterfly valves/ nan return valves/ vibration eliminators etc as required) , power box, equipped with fuses/ isolators/circuit breakers as required.

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India End Date: Mon 30th Jan, 2023 N/A Matched Criteria : BOQ

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