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District Jail 3 Days Left

NTID 26688608

Supply Of Miscellaneous Items And Stationery Items To District Jail Udhampur For The Financial Year 2022-23 - Phenyle Goli, Lime Powder, Lime Dust, Pheynle Liquid (black), Acid, Detergent Powder, Jharoo Khajoor, Jharoo Bansi, Earthen Pots ( 20 Ltr), Flush Brush, Bucket Plastic 20...

Udhampur, Jammu And Kashmir, India End Date: Tue 25th Jan, 2022 N/A

Health And Family Welfare Department 30 Days Left

NTID 26794685

Re E Tender For Procurement Of Additional Consumable Items For Two Years From The Date Of Award Of Contract (aoc) - A Thermal Shield For A Newborn Infant, A Double Layer Of Pe/pur Wrapping Simple Tool Of Pre-formed Foam Which Acts As A Barrier Against Heat Loss For Heat Loss Prev...

Kolkata, West Bengal, India End Date: Mon 21st Feb, 2022 N/A

Indian Army 2 Days Left

NTID 26749735

Supply Of Brinzolamide 1% W/vbott Of 5 Ml With Mannitol And Drop Tainer Syatem , Brinzolamide 1.0% + 0.2% Brimonidone Suspension With Polypropylene Screwcap Bak<=0.003% , E/d Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose 0.3% Bott Of 10ml(preservative Free )+ Sodium Chloride +boric Acid+potass...

Chandimandir, Haryana, India End Date: Mon 24th Jan, 2022 N/A

National Institute Of Homoeopathy 20 Days Left

NTID 26828311

Supply Of Erba Path Kit, Erba Norm, Xl Multical, Autowash (erba), Autowash (ac/al) Erba, Albumin Small System, Alkaline Phosphatase, Billirubin Direct Small System, Total Billirubin System Pack, Cholesterol Small System, Creatinine Enzymal, Glucose (god-pod), Hdl Cholesterol With...

Parganas, West Bengal, India End Date: Fri 11th Feb, 2022 5.00 Lacs

Finance Department 3 Days Left

NTID 26771376

Supply of Nasal prongs, , Simple face masks, Non-rebreathing masks, Oxygen hood, Oral airways (different ped. sizes), Nasopharyngeal airway Sizes from 14 Fr to 36 Fr (with 2 Fr increments), Endotracheal tubes (2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 cuffed and uncuffed), Intra-oss...

Sangli, Maharashtra, India End Date: Tue 25th Jan, 2022 1.35 CR

Higher Education Department 2 Days Left

NTID 26771856

Supply Of 1 Permanent Slide T.s Monocot Stem 2 T.s Dicot Stem 3 T.s Monocot Root 4 T.s Dicot Root 5 Oscillatoria 6 Spirogyra 7 Stolonifer 8 Palisade Parenchyma 9 Parenchyma 10 Guard Cell 11 Collenchyma 12 Sclerinchyma 13 Xylem 14 Phloem 15 Squamous Tissue 16 Epithelium 17 Muscle ...

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India End Date: Mon 24th Jan, 2022 N/A

Employees State Insurance Corporation Ending Today

NTID 26634536

Supply of Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium chloride, Potassium Hydroxide Pellets, Sodium phosphate, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, Ethanol, Dimethyle Sulfoxide, Acrylamide purified, Agar agar type I, Alanine , Bis- Tris buffer, Calcium chloride dihydrate, Calcium sulphate, Casein, Casein h...

Hyderabad-t, Telangana, India End Date: Sat 22nd Jan, 2022 88.34 Lacs

Indian Oil Corporation Limited 12 Days Left

NTID 25794608

expression of interest for items used in panipat refinery and petrochemical complex - lubricity of aviation turbine fuels by the, ball-on-cylinder lubricity evaluator, methanator catalyst of msq unit, pds catalyst, nht catalyst of msq unit, lpg merox catalyst, bsvi dhdt c9 pygas ...

Panipat, [Haryana / Delhi NCR], India End Date: Thu 3rd Feb, 2022 N/A

Higher Education Department 9 Days Left

NTID 26816592

Supply Of Science & Mathematics Materials-auxanometer, Bp Apparatus Digital, Blood Group Kit, Centrifuge Machine (4 Tube), Chromatoraphy Appts, Chromatoraphy Paper Sheet Pkt, Cotton Roll 500gm, Cover Slip Pkt, Calorimeter Digital, Compound Microscope, Cavity Slides, Dissection Tr...

Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India End Date: Mon 31st Jan, 2022 N/A

Integrated Institute Of Technology 3 Days Left

NTID 26621792

Supply of Acetone AR, Agar Powder, Benzene AR, Citric acid (anhydrous) AR, 500 g, Drabkin solution, Eosin (Powder), EosinMethylene Blue Agar, Ethanol (Absolute), GiemsaStain, Giemsa stain for microscopy, Glycerol, Gram Staining Kit, Isopropyl Alcohol, Leishman Stain for Microscop...

Delhi, [Delhi / Delhi NCR], India End Date: Tue 25th Jan, 2022 1.70 Lacs

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