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Acetic Acid Tenders In India
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Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan 2 Days Left

NTID 26674639

Supply of Ammeter DC With Stand, Ammonium Chloride 500GM Molychem, Battery Eliminator 2 to 12v on 3amp, Bob with hook 18mm. brass, Boyles Law Appratus Without Mercury, BULBS, Capillary tube set apparatus, Capacitor, Carbon Road With Terminal, Cell Box Plastic For 4 Cell , Cell ho...

Jalore, Rajasthan, India End Date: Mon 31st Jan, 2022 N/A

Islamic University Of Science And Technology Ending Today

NTID 26601108

Supply of Chart depicting Biomedical Waste Management in a lab/hospital, 1, 10-Phenanthroline monohydrate, 1N HCL, 1-Naphthol, 2, 4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine, 3 D Model DNA (watson-crick model), 3 D Model protein, 4-Methyl-3-thiosemicarbazide, Adult Human Articulated Skeleton, AFB S...

Awantipora, Jammu And Kashmir, India End Date: Sat 29th Jan, 2022 3.00 Lacs

Higher Education Department 14 Days Left

NTID 26757149

Supply Of Chemicals And Consumables - 1 Mercury 2 Glass Beaker (Borosil) 3 Glass Beaker (Borosil) 4 Glass Beaker (Borosil) 5 Alumina boat crucible 6 Burette (Borosil) with stand 7 Castor Oil (LR Grade) 8 KMnO4 (Crystals) 9 Glycerine (LR GRADE) 10 Xylene (LR Grade) 11 Silver Paste...

Quilon, Kerala, India End Date: Sat 12th Feb, 2022 N/A

Higher Education Department 2 Days Left

NTID 26816592

Supply Of Science & Mathematics Materials-auxanometer, Bp Apparatus Digital, Blood Group Kit, Centrifuge Machine (4 Tube), Chromatoraphy Appts, Chromatoraphy Paper Sheet Pkt, Cotton Roll 500gm, Cover Slip Pkt, Calorimeter Digital, Compound Microscope, Cavity Slides, Dissection Tr...

Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India End Date: Mon 31st Jan, 2022 N/A

Indian Council Of Agricultural Research 5 Days Left

NTID 26849166

Supply Of L Ascorbic Acid , Hydrogen Peroxide , L Glutathione Reduced , L Glutathione Oxidized , Nadph (tpnh) Tetrasodium Salt , Nadh Disodium Salt , Pyrogallol , Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous , Di Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous , 6 Benzyladenine (6-bap) , Chlo...

Kozhikode, Kerala, India End Date: Thu 3rd Feb, 2022 5.00 Lacs

Higher Education Department Ending Today

NTID 26802989

Supply Of Chemicals Requirement For Chemistry Lab - 2 - Naphthol Acetanilide, Acetophenone, Acetone, Aceto Nitrile, Alpha Naphthol, Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate, Ammonium Carbonate, Ammonium Chloride (nice), Ammonium Sulphide Soln.,aniline, P-anisidine, Anthracene, Aresnic Tri O...

Gurgaon, [Haryana / Delhi NCR], India End Date: Sat 29th Jan, 2022 6.00 Lacs

National Institute Of Homoeopathy 13 Days Left

NTID 26828311

Supply Of Erba Path Kit, Erba Norm, Xl Multical, Autowash (erba), Autowash (ac/al) Erba, Albumin Small System, Alkaline Phosphatase, Billirubin Direct Small System, Total Billirubin System Pack, Cholesterol Small System, Creatinine Enzymal, Glucose (god-pod), Hdl Cholesterol With...

Parganas, West Bengal, India End Date: Fri 11th Feb, 2022 5.00 Lacs

Indian Army 13 Days Left

NTID 26865725

Supply Of Alcian Blue Stain Ready To Use (rtu) , Cytochemistry Stain Acid Phosphatase , Cytochemistry Stain Myeloperoxidase (mpo) , Cytochemistry Stain Nse , Cytochemistry Stain Pas , Cytochemistry Stain Sudan Black , Cytocolor Cytological Standard Stain For Microscopy (1 Pack Of...

Chandimandir, Haryana, India End Date: Fri 11th Feb, 2022 N/A

Education Department 2 Days Left

NTID 26816445

Supply Of Ammonium Bromide 500gm, Barium Nitrate 500gm, Copper Foil 500gm, Ferrous Sulphate 500gm, Ferrous Sulphide (stick) 500gm, Hydrogen Peroxide (100 Volume)(30% W/v) 500gm, Lead Nitrate 500gm, Potassium Bromat 500gm, Potassium Bromide 500gm, Potassium Iodide 500gm, Sodium Ch...

Unjha, Gujarat, India End Date: Mon 31st Jan, 2022 5.00 Lacs

Higher Education Department 2 Days Left

NTID 26829251

Supply Of Magnus Stereo Microscope With Achromatic Lens With Zoom Ratio 7:1, Bpha-1 Haemometer (haemoglobinometer), Bpha-2 Haemometer With All Acce-ssories, Bpha-5 Haemocytometer, Bpha-14 Stethoscope Standard High Quality Instrument, Bpha-19automatic Digital Electronic Blood Pres...

Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, India End Date: Mon 31st Jan, 2022 N/A

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