Types Of Tenders Under Public Works Departments.

Types Of Tenders Under Public Works Departments.

What is Public Works Departments?

The Central Public Works Department of India often abbreviated as the CPWD, is a chief Central Government authority responsible for public division works. The Central Public Works Department works under the Ministry of Urban Development. CPWD was established in July 1854 when Lord Dalhousie set up a central organization for execution of public works and set up Ajmer Provincial Division. It has now developed into a thorough development executives department, which gives administrations from startups to consummation, and support the executives.

It is the prime designing department of Government of association of India and its details and manuals are trailed by nearby public works departments and building wing of different departments.

CPWD comprises of three wings in execution field:

1) B&R (Buildings and Roads)

2) E&M (Electrical and Mechanical)

3) Horticulture


Role of Public Works Departments:

Following are the main elements of CPWD:

Infrastructure, development and support of Central Government non-private structures other than those for Railways, Communications,Atomic Energy, Defense Services, All India Radio, Doordarshan and Airports (IAAI and NAA).

Development and support of private settlement implied for Central Government Employees.

Development works for Central Police Organizations for example CRPF, CISF, BSF, and ITBP just as upkeep of advantages of CRPF and CISF appointed to CPWD.

Development works for foundations under the Cabinet Secretariat for example SSB, SIB and so forth.

Development works for public area endeavors not having their designing association, other Government Organizations, Autonomous bodies and foundations as store work. “Deposit Works” are such works, which are embraced at the carefulness of the Director General


State Public Works Departments:

Functions of CPWD:

i) Design, construction and maintenance of Central Government nonresidential buildings other than those for Railways, Communications,Atomic Energy, Defense Services, All India Radio, Doordarshan and Airports (IAAI & NAA).

ii) Construction and maintenance of residential accommodation meant for Central Government Employees.

iii) Construction works for Central Police Organizations i.e. CRPF, CISF, BSF, and ITBP as well as maintenance of assets of CRPF and CISF assigned to CPWD.

iv) Construction works for establishments under the Cabinet Secretariat i.e. SSB, SIB etc.

v) Construction works for public sector undertakings not having their engineering organization, other Government Organisations, Autonomous bodies and institutions as deposit work.“Deposit Works” are such works, which are undertaken at the discretion of the Director General, CPWD for which the outlay is provided wholly or in part from a) Funds of a public nature but not included in the financial estimates and accounts of the Union of India. b) Contributions from the public.

vi) Providing consultancy services in planning, designing and construction of civil engineering projects, as and when required by public undertaking and other autonomous bodies.

vii) Construction of Embassy and other buildings / projects abroad at the request of Ministry of External Affairs and other Ministries.

viii) Defence / Security related works assigned by the government such as border fencing & flood lighting works and Indo China Border Road Works (ICBR).

ix) Construction of roads under PMGSY and RSVY programme.

x) To undertake works under PPP/Alternate Funding mode Delhi PWD The Public Works Department of Government of Delhi is manned by officers of CPWD, who are engaged in construction and maintenance of residential and non- residential buildings, roads (excluding those under Municipal Corporation) in the state of Delhi. Consultation & Advisory functions The Director General of CPWD functions as a Technical Advisor to the Government of India and is consulted in various technical matters relating to construction and maintenance. The Ministry of External Affairs consults CPWD with regard to construction and maintenance of the Embassy buildings abroad. 


Types of Tenders under PWD:


Construction of Hospital Store Building along with electrical and air conditioning work. (NTID 19273426)


Improvement of road at Karchuda Motor Road (NTID 19300740)


Construction of residential building (NTID 19440901)


Construction of H L Bridge in Punjab (NTID 19464503)


Renovation of Irrigation Canal (NTID 19489306)

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