Things to keep in mind while submitting bids through e-Procurement portal

Things to keep in mind while submitting bids through e-Procurement portal

The e-Procurement is a revolutionary system of tender submission in India which makes the bidding hassle-free and simple. It is a platform where you can download the Tender Schedule for free and submit your bids online.e-Procurement is an initiative of the Government of India to make the process transparent. It is made in such a way that the small, mid and large organizations can make use of it fairly.

Bidders can easily enroll on this platform with the use of Digital Signature with an e-token.It helps them submit the bidswith an ease. But there are certain things to keep in mind while submitting the bids online. It helps make the bid relevant and valid. Let’s see them one by one and make your bidding easier.

  • Bidders should update documents like certificates, purchase orders, etc. before bidding and they will be available under My Documents tab.
  • Bidders should go through the downloaded tender document and submit bids as per requirement.
  • Bidders must not modify or change the BOQ template.
  • Bidders can obtain clarification regarding tenders online through the e-Procurement Portalor the contact details given in the tender document.
  • The bid documents haveto be submitted in PDF/XLS/RAR/DWF formats only.
  • Bidders must arrange the EMD as specified in the tender with the original document posted, couriered or given in person to the Tender Inviting Authority before the submission deadline.
  • Bidders are required to read the terms and conditions beforehand to avoid any confusion on later stages.
  • Bidders are requested to submit the bids well in advance to avoid any delay in the last moment rush.
  • To make the file size smaller, bidders are suggested to scan the documents in 75-100 DPI. This helps maintain the clarity of the document.
  • Bidders are required to click on the Freeze Bid Button to ensure that the submission is completed.
  • After the bid submission, bidders must keep the bid summary in physical form as a proof of submission

These are some of the prominent things to keep in mind while submitting a bid via e-Procurement portal. It is important to follow the guidelines to ensure the success of your bid. You can also leave it to professionals who help you make the bids and make sure it is error-free. Contact National Tenders for a dedicated tender submission service now.

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