How to know if you’re eligible for Government Tender

How to know if you’re eligible for Government Tender

Government tenders have the ability to increase your business tenfold. But for that, you need to know if you can get government tenders for your business. The world is moving towards digitization and so is our country. Indian government has completely digitized the procurement system with the eprocurement module. It is to promote transparency and efficiency in the procurement of goods and services by various government departments. From the year 2012, the Central public procurement portalhas been made mandatory for all the Central Government, Central Public Sector and Autonomous bodies for their tender offerings.

If we go by definition, a tender is nothing but an invitation for bids for a specific work. So when we talk about government tenders, it is a government department which invites bids for a particular project for a specific time period. Our government offers a huge number of tenders in different sectors like health, sanitization, infrastructure, etc. Now the question is what the criteria is to qualify for government tenders. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Every tender has its own specific eligibility criteria but that being said, there are some general and highly essential criteria that have to be satisfied by the bidder.

Registration in e-procurement module

This is the most basic criteria if you want to work with the government and bid for the tenders it releases. Visit the government e-procurement website and register your business. It may require some specific documents about your organization so keep them with you while registering. These documents are registration number, PAN, TAN, etc.You have to submit a solvency certificateas well which can be obtained from your bank.

Digital Signature Certificate

This is also one of the most basic requirements for a bidder. He has to obtain a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for signing and encryption of Class III DSCs. This digital signature certificate has been made mandatory by the government to perform e-procurement.

Technical and monetary criteria

A bidder needs to provide certain information about his organization that comes under technical and monetary criteria. These criteria include annual turnover, production capacity, company credentials, past performance, equipment, quality control, after sale service, etc. The financial background also serves an important role to the government. A bidder needs to quote a certain amount for the said work and the timeframe to complete it in. A bidder also needs to pay a non-refundable tender cost.

It may sound a bit tedious to fulfill the criteria when you read it all at once. You might do some of them on your own and you might need help with some of them. It is possible that you are unable to spare time to tick every checkbox given above. In all of those cases, you need someone to rely upon. National Tenders provide end to end service from tender information, vendor registration to tender submission. Don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to work with the government. Contact National Tenders now.


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