How to get updates of new tenders relevant to your business

How to get updates of new tenders relevant to your business

Tenders are great ways to grow your business but a wrongtender will not only hamper the growth but also waste valuable resources. So the question arises that how to find out those relevant tenders. Before understanding this, let’s understand how tendering works. It is the process of bidding for a work contract which includes either goods or services.Public sector units are always looking out to procure goods or services from enterprises. They are usually bound by a contract.

A tender contains a specified list of the goods or services required, preferred price, and technical questions forbidders.This helps bidders understand the work that is expected off of them and they are able to do a fair and objective assessment.The businesses need to be competitive and provide what others aren’t in terms of goods, people, services, procedures, etc.

There are two major sources, among many minor, from which you can get updates of relevant tenders.

By being registered on Government eMarketplace:

Government eMarketplace is an initiative by the government of India to promote transparency and efficiency in the procurement process. It is an online platform for procurement of goods and services for government departments in India.This platform was launched by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on August 9, 2016.

GeMis a means of our government to promote the development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in our country. It is a cashless, contactless, and paperless online marketplace. This portal has substantially transformed public procurement in India having benefits such as transparency, efficiency, inclusion, use friendliness and cost effectiveness.Registering on this platform is fairly easy. After registering, you get online tender information by the requirements posted by different government departments.

By having an efficient tender partner:

Another proven way to stay updated and have suitable tenders for your organization is having an effective and knowledgeable tender bidding partner. A tender bidding partner is someone who bids competitively on your behalf to get you the desired tender. Their services aren’t limited to that. They provide services on each step from tender details to bid submission.

Selection of a tender bidding partner can be a little difficult because there are many factors to consider. Amateur partners can spoil the deal which might make it a bitter experience. National tenders have been providing different tender services since 2013 which gives them an edge over others. They also have worked with more than 1000 different government departments which adds more value to their experience. They have also received "Certificate of Recognition" for tender submission from MSME Department of Indian government.

Choosing a tender partner is always preferable than doing the research yourself. At national tenders, a dedicated partner is allotted to you for your tender needs. The end to end service provided by national tenders is unparalleled and highly personalized. Contact national tenders now.

Meta description: A business can grow exponentially when it routinely gets new relevant tender updates. There are two major ways by which you can get those relevant tender details.

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