How e marketplace is useful for sellers in India

How e marketplace is useful for sellers in India

If you still haven’t registered on Government e-Marketplace, you’re missing out on many business growth opportunities. GeM was introduced to help all the enterprises in India grow and provide value to the economy. It is a one stop portal for online procurement of goods and services that various government departments put their requirements on. Its aim is to provide transparency, speed and efficiency in the public procurement domain. It helps sellers work directly with the government without any middleman hassle.

If we go by numbers, GeM has around 26% of MSMEs and the government is working hard to increase it. It is doing MSME support and outreach programs throughout the country. Let’s see how this platform is beneficial for sellers.

It promotes transparency.

This platform is touted to be a one stop solution for bids and reverse auction on products and services. This platform has essentially removed all the human intervention for registration, procurement, placement, and payment. This helps sellers do business with the government with no barriers between them. This kind of transparency is achieved through digitalization of the whole process. Sellers have to verify themselves at the time of registration and procurement which is authorized by the heads of different departments.

It is highly efficient.

GeM gives sellers direct access to all the government departments. It helps sellers get all the requirements in one place. It helps sellers do business in a matter of minutes which earlier used to take days. It has a facility to suggest new requirements to the sellers which cuts their research time significantly. This platform also lets sellers work with no paperwork at all. This is a huge time saver for them. The online transactions save time and make the process simpler.

It is highly secure.

This platform is user friendly and very easy to use. Sellers have a dashboard for selling, payments, and monitoring of supplies. It promotes uniform and consistent purchase procedures. Sellers are verified by the authorized people from the concerned government departments before doing anything. These departments also sign documents of the suppliers and authorize them to submit their bids. This platform is highly secure because of all of these checks.

It provides value for money.

One of the best features of this platform is that it provides dynamic pricing. The prices change based on the current market conditions. It is helpful to the sellers because they can bid on the tenders according to the market. It is also beneficial for the government. The annual savings of the government goes up to Rs.40,000 crores from all the goods and services acquired.

The government e-marketplace is highly beneficial for every Indian seller. This platform is a revolutionary way of doing business with the government. To make the proper use of this platform, you require a trustworthy partner who provides you the best deal out of all the requirements. Contact National Tenders for a dedicated GeM manager now.

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