Best practices to bid government tenders

Best practices to bid government tenders

Do you know your business can growon a swift rate when you secure the right tender?They help scale the business to the heights you can only imagine. But many times, bidding on government tender can be a tough task. Even if you are a large scale organization, you can get overwhelmed by it. The process is a bit complicated and tenders being time sensitive makes it trickier.

Indian government releases more than 75,000tenders every month which form almost 10% of the country’s whole GDP. It seems a bit overwhelming to keep track of it and segregate the tenders relevant to you.Let’s break the process down and see how we can make it simpler.

Here are our best practice to bid government tenders:

  • Get tender information beforehand:It is reasonable to say that you need to research and acquire all the information about the tender you want to bid on. The earlier you do it, the better.
  • Start from the bottom: A small business having little experience shouldn’t jump on bigger projects right away. It should start small. It is important to follow this rule because you are judged by your past performance. You need to show a successful streak which you can only get when you do projects that are doable for you.
  • Punctuality is the key: Being punctual is important in any field. Whenever you get tender information, identify your relevant tender and respond to it as quickly as possible. You don’t want to lose it to someone who is more punctual than you.
  • Don’t ignore the Terms and Conditions: To make a well informed decision, you need to know everything there is to a particular tender. People often make the mistake of not reading the terms and conditions. They don’t know what is expected from the bidders. And thus they make wrong decisions.
  • Cheap is not better: Gone are the days when the cheapest biding won the tenders. Government evaluates the bidders on the value of money they provide. Factors such as these are important:Industry Experienced, Maintenance and Support,Quality, Risks and safety considerations,Warranty, etc.
  • Stay relevant with the current market: You need to keep up with the current market trends and show tender providers that you can give quality service. You have to show that you have a strong presence in the market and you are capable of providing the most advanced services.

Businesses who need tenders must allow themselves to go beyond other businesses to get the desired tenders. They need to pay attention to the different sources of information so that they know where to invest their time and energy. These methods are just the tip of an iceberg. You need a partner to take care of your tender needs and who stays with you every step of the way. That partner is National Tender. Contact National Tenders for personalized service to grab your tenders.

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